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You are free to use Passdock for all your needs, but to offer you the best experience and comply with Apple's rules, we have to impose you a limit:

  • Every Template and Pass you create selecting a Passdock provided certificate will be owned entirely by Passdock (we cannot share our certificates with other entities due to Apple's rules);
  • Every Template and Pass you create uploading your certificates are owned by you;

Please also note that:

  • The APIs are complete;
  • You can create, edit, delivery, install every pass you need;
  • The aspect of each Pass on Passdock may be different of what you see on iOS 6 or Mountain Lion.

If you want to suggest an improvement or you've found a bug, please let us know on GitHub or open a Ticket.

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Looking for Support?

We provide support in many ways:

- Main Support Pages;
- Passdock Issues on GitHub;
- #passdock on StackOverflow;
- @passdock on Twitter.