let you create, manage, organize and distribute digital Passes to mobile devices.

GitHub repository

All the sample code in hosted on GitHub.

If you have any suggestion or feature request, please create a new issue.


If you want to familiarize with the APIs before subscribing, you can use the Sandbox available at The only thing that chages is the subdomain. Accounts in the production website and in the sandbox are not linked in any way.

The Sandbox will periodically erased, so keep in mind that when performing your tests. There isn't any way to keep your Templates and Passes there.



Resource Description
GET /api/v1/certificates Show available Certificates


Resource Description
GET /api/v1/templates/:template_id/passes/:id/devices Show Devices for a Pass


Resource Description
GET /api/v1/templates Get All Templates
GET /api/v1/templates/:id Show Template
POST /api/v1/templates Create Template
PUT /api/v1/templates/:template_id Update Template
DELETE /api/v1/templates/:id Delete Template
GET /api/v1/templates/:id/fields Get Editable Fields


Resource Description
GET /api/v1/templates/:template_id/passes Get All Passes
GET /api/v1/templates/:template_id/passes/:id Show Pass
POST /api/v1/templates/:template_id/passes Create Pass
PUT /api/v1/templates/:template_id/passes/:id Update Pass
PUT /api/v1/templates/:template_id/passes/:id/redeem Redeem a Pass
DELETE /api/v1/templates/:template_id/passes/:id Delete Pass
GET /api/v1/templates/:template_id/passes/search Search for a Pass
GET /api/v1/passes/search Search for a Pass by the 2D code in every Template owned by the User


Resource Description
POST /api/v1/registrations Create User


Resource Description
POST /api/v1/sessions Authenticate User